Tuesday, March 22, 2005

CCCC notes to self

Took a redeye out of San Francisco Sunday night/Monday morning (saw David Blakesley on board--any other straggling CCCCer's?) and am still not quite right yet when it comes to sleep. Thank goodness it's Spring Break here. So may not push the re-entry into the blogosphere too hard, but did want to get down some notes:

(1) the virtual and the material: not just the body as material (a la Grosz et al), but the old fashioned materialism, that worries over economics and such. My attachment to historical materialism is what used to make me wary of the virtual. I'm less wary now, and I know there are folks out there combining the two, but it struck me how different the audiences for the two things were at Cs.

(2) space/topoi that mess with Taylorized time, aka "the writing process": the digital (thanks Jenny, Jeff, Geoff)

(3) why do I forget to do the fun things?

(4) moving out of a pedagogy of ought into I don't know: try this (Harriet's article where she says she probably wouldn't have majored in English if she hadn't found a way to do it so that there was some kind of pain in it to Sirc's happening?)

(5) Or a way to limn that?

(6) creative with: network as centrifugal and centripetal--the blogroll, for example (thanks, Collin, Jenny)

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