Tuesday, March 01, 2005

A la recherche du temps trouve

So I just commented over on Marcia's blog about how time or my sense of time disrupts and confounds my desire to connect and articulate connections (is that redundant?) Which gets me to thinking about relationships to time and also if time is something of a gendered concept/experience. That isn't to suggest that I haven't noticed that plenty of bloggers of the masculine gender have slacked off on blogging lately, but, still, I wonder if there's something about affect/gender/time that connects up with the kind of labor women *feel* compelled to do, particularly the kind of word work they feel *compelled* to do. Just wondering. Kristeva wrote about women's space. (Or was it time? Wow. Now I'm losing threads of past knowledge. But I can look it up. Just not now.) Anyway, what about space/time? Women's space/time and how desire gets all tangled up in that continuum.

A place holder for future thoughts.


Some future thoughts at 9:19 pm: Should make that how rather than if. Of course relationships to space/time are gendered. So not a matter of conjecture so much as quality. And even "gendered" gets at only a fragment of what I'm thinking: a network itself is spacially complex, and so any node in that network is connected up and linked out to not only a professional network but also all kinds of networks that suggest ways of being and doing and thus affect how one gets linked up to other networks.

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