Monday, March 28, 2005

Some more time: note to self

Some good ideas for managing tasks and getting things done over on Marcia's blog.

I personally find this whole time thing to be an ongoing struggle. As does Jill of jill/txt apparently: see her Action Plan for Demartyring Self. An excellent plan, one I've made many times. Why oh why is it so hard to actually follow it? To some extent I really find the whole idea of "time management" to be distasteful. But until I somehow manage (there's that word again, but with a different spin) to internalize a more productive relationship to time, time management is all I've got.

I blame graduate school, where I was located for too many years to mention here. (But now I'm a complete English department unto myself, with grad degrees in creative writing, literary studies, and rhet/comp!) As Chris notes in her comment responding to Marcia's post, grad school tends to pull one into being driven by appointments and due dates. Then when you find yourself in a tenure-track job, the appointment-driven life becomes a nightmare formula for disaster. There's always a new appointment lurking around the corner, but these appointments don't tend to lead to a seminar paper at the end.

Anyway, enough belly-aching from me. My next blog entry will be nothing but sweetness and light. I'm just mad that my Spring Break is over. And it's Monday.

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