Sunday, March 13, 2005

Selection Sunday

The title is misleading. Though I did tune in. Had to see what seed SIU got (#7, best in the school's history). And while I'm on that topic, let's just keep this in mind: Chris Lowery, a talented coach in his own right, was one of Bruce Weber's assistants when he was coaching at SIU. Yeah, how soon we forget. Bruce Weber, coach of the #1 seed overall, was still coaching down in Carbondale just two short years ago. Took SIU to the Sweet Sixteen in 2002. And even without Weber, it remains a very competitive team with strong players (Darren Brooks, for one) and good depth. And this is their fourth straight at-large bid: pretty impressive for a mid-major. (Yeah, yeah, so that does mean they keep tripping up during the MVC tournament. Who cares about tournaments?)

What I was really gonna say is that at long last I. and I have finished that chapter on feminism and administration that was supposed to have been done, oh, back in January. Yeah. Took a little longer than we hoped.

And now I need to figure out what to do with the CCCC talk. I have a draft, but it's long and probably not sufficiently talky. Need to edit with a captive audience in mind. And still need to make my handout.

And also have to remember to reserve a shuttle to the airport (in KC, an airport I've never used before), make a handout for my 1000 students, get proposals back to my 8010 students, and print drafts of chapters for the book JG and I are editing. (That's my list for my own reference. Sorry to bother you with it.)

Where to begin? That's the real meaning of my selection Sunday. You can always check out Jeff's and Collin's blogs if you want real bracket talk.

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