Friday, March 11, 2005


Just in case there were any doubts, this is not me.

Nor is this.

The strange thing is that I feel I almost vaguely look like both of them. Even though the two of them don't look alike. But if you morphed their faces together, maybe it would come out looking like me.

Or if my old roommate from my freshman year in college was trying to find me and saw their pictures, she might for a minute think that either of them could be me.

Well, maybe not. But my old roommate did look me up recently. She lives in Marin County, so I'm staying over at her place on Saturday night after the C's ends.

She, however, doesn't look like me.


Marcia said...

The other day I did a google image search for Marcia and it was really weird looking at all the different images.

They didn't look like me either.

Collin said...

Does that mean that you haven't "received rave reviews from past presentations"? Oh well.

The really weird thing is that all the Collins out there? We all pretty much look alike. With only one L, you get everyone from Colin Farrell to Colin Powell, but for some reason, that second L makes us all virtually indistinguishable...


Donna said...

Well, no, Collin--it means that if your name is Donna Strickland, you are assured of getting rave reviews. Just goes with the name. ;-)

I especially like that Donna's "free little ezine jewell," where you get to agree to this statement:

"Yes, Donna, I could use a little lightness, laughter and uplifting -- not to mention a few bright ideas! Please go ahead and sign me up for your new e-zine. "