Friday, November 10, 2006

Cat Ghosts

When Kitty, our beautiful solid black cat, died at 18 two years ago, friends from Carbondale sent a framed copy of W. S. Merwin's poem "Cat Ghosts." It was a lovely gift, much appreciated.

This afternoon, tooling around aimlessly on the blogosphere, I saw that Merwin is reading in Bloomington, Indiana on Monday. It was in Bloomington that Kitty and Clyde first came to live with us. Somehow, it all seems to lead me to think that I have exigence enough to put the poem here. So I am. In memory of both of our much missed cats.

Cat Ghosts


Years after
in a kitchen of another country
you’re still hungry


In the heat of the day
your shadow comes back
to lie on your stone


Reverse Barometer said...

What a coincidence. I found your blog tonight, the very day I posted about cats and ghosts on my blog.

I love the poem -- it gave me chills when I read "your shadow came back to lie on your stone."

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