Saturday, November 11, 2006

Pumpkins and stuff

It's fall, so it's time for my annual everything-pumpkin orgy. (This is something that goes on for months; it isn't like a party or anything. Though that's not such a bad idea.)

What this means is that, for most of the months of late fall and winter, I make and eat familiar pumpkin items (pie, bread, pancakes). I search for and consume pumpkin items I don't make myself--either because it's too hard or I just don't (bars, ravioli, what have you).

I've had pumpkin pie ice cream before, but tonight I had something new: pumpkin custard. I will tell you, in case you haven't had the pleasure of indulging, that frozen custard is like ice cream to the 10th power. Super rich and creamy. I became addicted to it while living in Milwaukee, home of Kopp's and other fine custard establishments. For some reason, custard is also wildly popular here in mid-Missouri.

And I guess that's just about all I have to say about that.

Oh, but there's this: this blogging every day is killing me. And maybe my readers, too.


Jen said...

Did you know that I have a whole section on my computer dedicated to all things pumpkin? John goes insane every fall will all the pumpkin stuff everywhere in the house--from candles to muffins. I wonder what it is exactly about pumpkin that is so attractive...must be some sort of comfort thing.

It is a bit sad to not live in a place anymore that has a fall...the pumpkin loses a little bit of its appeal down here in the RGV...

bdegenaro said...

One of our favorite fall dishes: rigatoni and pumpkin. It's got bacon (you can use turkey or even one of the vegetarian versions, if you wish), lots of fresh sage and parmesan cheese, salted pumpkin seeds, chicken stock, and cream (we use skimmed milk and it turns out just fine).

Another favorite: pumpkin squares, one of the all-time great desserts.

Donna said...

Bill--that sounds tasty. Where could I find the recipe?

And, Jen, pumpkins are good because they're good (and because you usually combine them with cinnamon). That's all there is too it. (And if you combine pumpkin and chocolate, it's doubly good!)

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