Friday, January 26, 2007

Missouri iced

Remember when Anne asked in my comments if I had power? (Because, it's true, we had several inches of ice coat everything just before classes started, and a humongous tree branch just one house down from me fell smack down, almost into the neighbor's house. And the ice is still around, though it's 48 degrees right now, so please please let it all melt.)

And remember how I said, yep, we're ok here in Columbia, but I don't know about the folks in Springfield?

Wow. Take a look at Lanette's latest blog entry. Classes at Missouri State were out for a full week. Lanette had no internet access during that time, and, for two days, no power. However, she did blog, and so has a chronicle of what was happening.

It's sobering. Glad to see you back online, Lanette.

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