Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The search for verbal ingenuity

I've rarely blogged about searches that have brought people to this blog, but it's a thing to do, isn't it? So let me tell you that since I wrote the entry entitled "Cool words with diminished use value," I've had quite the surge in folks who are looking, via Google, for "cool words."

And now I've done it again. I guess they'll be redoubled.


anne said...

Are you going to start a regular "Friday Cool Words with Diminished Use Value" (TM) feature? I vote yes, please.

Donna said...

Hmmm. Maybe. This blog has never had a regular weekly feature. It's something to think on.

But the pressure! What if I run out of cool words? And disappoint all those Google searchers?

anne said...

But Google is where you could find (and reclaim) all the cool words in the first place, right, by hitting on all the once-turning-to-dust-but-now-digitized dictionaries and libraries?

I vote for "deliquesce" (what Paul Simon encouraged Carrie Fisher to name her corporation when they were married) "gird," and "litotes."

But I also certainly understand about consistent pressure. So how about a "Randomly Appearing Cool Words with Diminished Use Value" (TM)?