Thursday, January 04, 2007


On Monday, New Year's Day, everything seemed open, like I was swimming in limitless time. Be careful, I said to myself. You know it isn't limitless. Keep a steady flow of work going. You don't want to feel surprised by the start of the semester.

And so I did keep a steady flow of work going, and it felt good, good, good. But you know what? I hadn't opened my appointment book all year. This afternoon, I did, and I started filling in appointments. Remembering some, starting next week, that I had forgotten. And I felt that contraction in the heart/stomach area, that old familiar pulling in of the body. Oh, no, the body said. Time is closing in.

Then there's yoga,and I went to class tonight, even though it isn't my usual night to go. Yoga. It's all about opening. Letting go of the contractions. So, even as I notice that internal itch to close down, there's a different feeling there.

And so I say: yoga. Yoga. Yoga! I commend it to you. May all your semesters' beginnings be bright.


Becky Howard said...

One of the banes of my existence is that I have never taken a yoga lesson. And I live too far in the sticks to do so now. So just know that you're de-contracting for both of us.

Shehun said...

I took a yoga class only once--it was at the YMCA and I found myself having flashbacks to junior high gym class. I have such a hard time surrounded by people in workout clothes! So actually, you're de-contracting for three.

Donna said...

Such responsibility! You know, you two, you can get some pretty good instructional DVDs for the privacy of your home. Not that I mind de-contracting for three. I'm just saying.