Thursday, January 25, 2007

What, ho? Web 2.0

Don't ask me. It's late, and it rhymes.

Anyway, what it really is referring to is the change, seemingly in the space of just a year or two, in students' awareness of Web 2.0 kinds of things. For example, all the graduate students in my pedagogy course had heard of blogs. Last time I taught this class, exactly two years ago, blogs were clearly outside most people's radar.

And today in class, someone mentioned seeing a word cloud of Tuesday's State of the Union speech. Whoa! That's never happened before. And, so, of course, I began to rhapsodize about the coolness of tag clouds. Which wasn't, maybe, to the point.

Nice to see things starting to filter through. And so I'm reporting that here. Over and out.


jeff said...

I know what you mean. In my Writing Theory course, we have a course weblog, and after students registered I saw that many included in their registration info their websites. One student is actually one of the local metrobloggers (they exist in many major cities). Stuff filters. Part of my pleasure is seeing what they are doing outside of school, and on the Web.

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