Friday, April 01, 2005

Still here, somewhere

I've had a hard time capturing that sweetness and light mentioned in my previous entry. So I took comfort in Collin's blogging about his own post-Spring Break, post-CCCC energy dip. At least I know I'm not alone.

At any rate, I've got things to blog about: the bell hooks lecture that Marcia has blogged and the lovely Marian McPartland/JoAnn Brackeen concert of last night.

Not to mention Jeff's challenge to get back to work. And Clancy's example of blogging finds (as Jenny practices and recommends.) But I have to learn a few more things first.

So, come this weekend, look for more blogging here at Why Not Blog. (There's a regional colloquialism in that sentence, but I'm not sure it "looks" right unspoken. Just so you know.)

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Gill said...

Your blog is my 'blog of the day' today over on