Friday, February 10, 2006

An alliterative aside

Driving home this late afternoon, I heard the news on my local public radio station: Missouri basketball coach Quin Snyder has resigned. Said the announcer: this comes after six straight losses, the last to Big 12 bottom feeder Baylor.

Say that last noun phrase aloud a few times.

It's true, that's my alma mater they're describing. But when have I let team loyalty get in the way of a little literary appreciation? And, anyway, I kinda like the image. Not Bears. Bottom Feeders.

The *BAYLOR* Bottomfeeders. Sic 'em.


Megan said...

I was reading Philip Roth's Our Gang and there is a whole spoof on political alliteration:

We return you to the Vice President, who is now addressing the National Sword Swallowers Association:
"- the psychotics, the sob sisters, the skin merchants, the saboteurs, the self-sytled Sapphos, the self-styled Swinburnes, the swine, the satyrs, teh schizos, the sodomists, the sissies, the screamers, the screwy, the scum, the self-congratulatory self-congratulators, the sensationalists, the snakes in the grass, the sex fiends, the shiftless, the shines, the shaggy, the sickly, the syphilitic -"
We interrupt the Vice President's alliteration to take you to Walter Reed Hospital for a special report...

I particularly like the misuse of "psychotics" in this list.

Donna said...

Some impressive alliteration, that. And so appropriate (at this moment in time) that the Vice President should be interrupted for a hospital report...

And you win the prize for being the first person from 4040 to comment on my blog!

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