Thursday, February 09, 2006

Answering my own question

The question up in the banner: Why not blog?

Why not? Because I'm obsessed with cat food. Tuesday I couldn't stop talking about the fact that a shipment of catfood had not arrived. It made me a bad colleague and a boorish (not to mention borish) dinner companion.

Why not? Because I can only say yes despite all my best efforts to say no and so have a workshop to give this afternoon that I knew about only a week ago.

Why not? Because I forget the very things I think I'll blog about, like Win Horner's "Salon" last Thursday. Both Marcia and I were kicking ourselves because neither of us brought a camera. And that kicking of ourselves prompted a colleague to say: oh no. I have to watch myself. You could blog anything I say. (And look! I just did.)

Why not? Because I had a strangish medical experience yesterday and yet feel squeamish about blogging it.

Why not? Because I seem overly in love with the suffix -ish today.

Why not blog? Let me count the ways.

Update: I corrected my misspelling of Marcia's name. Marsha is my cousin. She doesn't blog.

1 comment:

Marcia said...

Thanks for the link.

I'm not extremely sensitive to misspellings; however, if someone says it three times in rapid succession, I have been known to get a little huffy. :)

Hope all is well.