Thursday, February 02, 2006

The joy of teaching blogging; or, my brilliant career move

You know, I had a brilliant idea last spring. This was the idea: I'm going to teach a class on blogging! All blogging! All the time! And my major justification: it will be fun!

This was a novel idea. Usually I teach the things that need to be taught. Which doesn't mean they can't be fun, but that isn't the primary intent.

And I've just been reading over my students' blogs (today was their first week of required blogging), and you know what?

It's fun! I mean, come on. I read blogs everyday. Now it's my *job* to read blogs. It's kind of like getting a job tasting chocolate or something.

It's cool to see how some of the students already are really getting into it, how other bloggers are finding their way to some of their blogs (and to our class blog), how they've developed interesting angles for focusing their blogs.

It is, as I predicted, fun. I highly recommend it.

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