Thursday, February 09, 2006

I Heart Blogging

Jon invites comments about the good and bad of blogging. Being hailed in that post, I feel I should respond. But I'm not up to responding over there just yet. And I wasn't going to respond here, either, until (while looking for something on my jump drive to use for the aforementioned workshop that begins in a little over an hour) I found the proposal for this year's CCCC that, sadly, was not accepted. As part of a panel, my individual proposal was short. But I'm pasting it in here because I want to remember it and perhaps write about it (even if I won't be presenting it at CCCC next month).

Speaker X will draw from Brian Massumi’s Parables of the Virtual to argue that blogging offers affective relationships to literacy that run counter to or exceed traditional academic literacies and that thus potentially disrupt managerial tendencies that tend to compartmentalize writing in time and space. Affective shifts, according to Massumi, lead to movement and change rather than normalization and assimilation.

(And, can I just add that my spelling is reaching new lows today? Not only did I misspell Marcia's name in my last entry, but in this entry I initially typed "right" for "write." Jeez. And I've got a workshop to do--doesn't bode well.)


Jon said...

Hehe, I was wondering if you or Brian might be led to respond...

Nels said...

Hey, submit it next year. I did that, and it was accepted. At any rate, it sounds like a great presentation.