Thursday, February 23, 2006


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I created these because it pleases me to create them. Go ahead and download them, save them, give them to your friends, print them and hang them on a wall, whatever you want. "Property" is simply not a productive paradigm for art.

Don't get TOO serious.

What am I doing? If you give out a free-floating assignment, you better be willing to do it, too.

Wonder what everyone else is doing?

Update: How'd I miss this?

Thanks, Marcia.

And one more link about growing brains. Via metafilter.


chris said...

The Harvard article looks absolutely fascinating. I'll have to go back and reread it all the way through.

Your link to Rice's article at IHE is what i most wanted to say a word about. I am a frequent visitor to Yellow Dog and rathter like his blog. I wasn't so shocked to find Dr. Crazy's blog filled with ire and angst in response to JR's article - not nec. b/c i thought his argument was faulty or b/c he misrpresented Dr. Crazy, but b/c i find that his writing seems to bring out these types of responses in people. I know it did with me the first time i read his CCC's article on hip-hop pedagogy a number of years back.

Even though it may not be much fun for Jeff or Dr. Crazy, i kinda enjoy the drama of their lil (public) dispute. (In a similar vein, i was disappointed to see Kobe and Shaq squash their years-old fued recently.) However, one of the things i've come to respect about Jeff is his willingness to engage his detractors, in private conversation, in order to foster a deeper level of understanding for both parties.

I don't personally know Jeff Rice, but i have had the pleasure of conversating with him a number of times via email and blog comments. Though this comment would probably be better suited over at Yellow Dog, your link reminded me all this stuff. (Plus, it was a paper i wrote for you that originally introduced me to Jeff's work.)

i think i forgot the point i was going to make. Or maybe i already made it. Oh well. Either way, it looks like Dr. Crazy and Dr. Fabulous are getting along better now (which sucks for me, b/c, like i said, i like the entertainment of the drama). I could go on, but this is your space, if i'm going to babble, i should do it over on mine.


Donna said...

I've been surprised by the level of ire, too. Shocked. Shocked, I say. But, like you, I admire Jeff's willingness to engage with his critics.

Jeff said...

Thanks for the kind words. But alas, as Chris notes, there is something worthwhile in a Burroughs-like tension. Not for saying bad things about each other, but for the engagement.

Chris, you should tell me your full name so I can link to you.