Saturday, February 05, 2005

5 things

So this is one of those days that I need to defer to the Post-it note idea that Collin suggested. I will use this Post-It note to begin the obligatory 100 things about me list, starting with a list of 5:

(1) Cinco de Mayo. Same as Karl Marx and Kenneth Burke.

(2) Chocolate. Chocolate. Chocolate. In that order.

(3) People tend to think I'm well organized and neat. Those are the people who've never been inside my house.

(4) Then again, I'm good at organizing. It's just the keeping it that way that becomes my problem.

(5) One day when I lived in Bloomington I realized the wonderfully sweet almost grassy smell exuding from silvery plants in my friend's garden was lavender. Since then, I've used and consumed lavender in a variety of forms: dried lavender, lavender water, lavender soap, lavender lotion, lavender lip balm, lavender tea, lavender salad dressing, lavender cheesecake, and, yes, lavender chocolate.

1 comment:

JulieB said...

I wandered over to your blog (by hitting "next" on the blog thingy) I'm entertained by what Collin suggested about thinking of posts as post it notes. Hmm, had thought to put more meaningful items on my blog but mostly it is things that I am reading, interested in, or just a shameless display of fun pictures. I'm an accountant so writing doesn't come easily. Many have commented that I should perhaps not quit my day job!
So... to say "HI".