Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Long Day

Wednesdays are my long days on campus, and today was even longer than usual. But I'm home now, and I just want to say that the grad students in 8010 totally rock. Because most of them haven't taught before and will be teaching for the first time in the fall, I decided to have an assignment that would require them to do two lesson plans for my English 1000 (ie, first-year composition class) over the course of the semester. They're doing really bang-up jobs, and since all four presentations today were for the same day (this Friday), I don't know how to choose from among them for my own lesson plan. They're all good: the Kadinsky-based freewriting, the adbusters group work, the "take a role" and talk about these facts from the undergrads who work report, and even the "survival" scenario, which, as I told them, I just have an aversion to so probably won't use. (But the lesson plan itself was excellent and involved reflection, etc.) And they're giving me fresh, exciting ideas to take into my comp class.

So that's what I have to say: rock on, 8010. You make my week.

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Marcia said...

Big grins all around!! Thank you!