Thursday, February 03, 2005

One small step . . .

I added a blog roll!

This was no easy task, either, as I was working from my home dial-up connection and kept getting kicked off about every 5 minutes. I think small animals are slowly making nests of my phone line. Whenever it rains my phone stops working. Really.

(It wasn't raining today, however. That's why today I'm blaming small animals for the incredibly slow connections that lasted for only minutes--or even seconds--at a time.)


Marcia said...

Whoohoo!!! Congrats on figuring it out. Plus, it's always fun for me to see my name blogrolled! Thanks!

Donna said...

Hey--thanks to you, Marcia, for guiding me to Bloglines. Until then, I didn't realize it was a whole other service. See what I'm saying? Much to learn.