Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Everyone's yucky week/month/semester

I feel a powerful urge to not post today, but I'm avoiding it for the sake of keeping some semblance of rhythm. And I'll take as my topic the thing that's pulling me away from blogging: stress and busy-ness.

What is it that's making everyone feel particularly rotten right about now? Click on about every other blog over on the side there, and you'll find someone's recent post about the awful weeks, days, etc, that they've been having. Is it the alignment of planets? Is it post-traumatic stress left over from the election? Is it always like this in the winter part of the second semester? I don't seem to remember always feeling so tentative at the beginning of the second semester. (Yes, I'm kinda feeling rotten myself, though better than, say, a couple of weeks ago.)

Hmm. Well. That's about all I care to say about that. At least I posted.


Anonymous said...

be not downtrodden ye midwesterners. hark, thou doest reside in a land of wholesomeness and slow-paced living. yearn not for the coasts. though their waves may be soothing unto thine ears, beware the coast dwellers rudeness (eastcoast) or bleached blonde brain cells (an unfair assessment of the left coast, but a judgment made nonetheless).

Anonymous said...