Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Another reason to be glad I'm no longer in WI

Wis. Considers Legalizing Cat Hunting

Cats like Becky's Fred would be fair game. I thought Wisconsin was a progressive state, for goodness sake. What's gotten into them?

The progressive faction, at least, has mobilized:
Critics of Smith's idea organized Wisconsin Cat-Action Team and developed a Web site - dontshootthecat.com. Some argue it is better to trap wild cats, spay or neuter them, before releasing them.


Becky Howard said...

I've been reading about Wisconsin Death Trip at . Any connection, d'you spose?
What is wrong with people?

Becky Howard said...

Sorry; let me try that link again :(
It's Design Observer.

joanna said...

Oh God. This is just disgusting. Senioritis, I'm with you. What is wrong with people?