Friday, April 15, 2005


OK, I have to learn to manipulate visuals. I will, I will.

But I wanted, until then, to note here the plastic pleasure of blogging. The manipulation of space that is not only visual but also--what? affective? virtual?

Because even while I read and learn much from blogs that tend toward one theme, I am drawn toward the affective thrill that comes from never knowing what a blog will offer on any given day, that blogdentity (Jeff's coin) is never fixed.

Sure, there are centripetal tendencies (to refer back to Collin's Cs presentation). But plenty of centrifugal. "I" am and am not all that my blog contains. Attracting and repelling.


Plastic (2): doesn't conduct, but, hey, the static buildup. The sparks.


jeff said...

Hey Donna
If you have a Mac, you can use this program - - to make your own.
It's like iMovie for comics. Very easy to use.

Donna said...

Thanks, Jeff. Sadly, I am currently Mac-less, though I do need a new notebook. Would be a good time to make the switch.