Friday, April 22, 2005

When this semester is over

(1) I'm going to read some books

(2) I'm going to teach Gabe to be nice to Casey and Clyde

(3) I'm going to drive with C down to Lake of the Ozarks

(4) I'm going to get an ibook and learn to do cool things

(5) I'm going to volunteer to clean out the Catty Shack

(6) I'm going to write that last chapter of my book

And you?


jeff said...

not ibook!

Becky Howard said...

Lotsa luck with teaching any cat anything.

Donna said...

OK, powerbook then. I'll be happy to entertain other recs on specifications, etc.

And, yeah, Becky I know: fond hope. I figure at least I'll have time to waste then.