Thursday, April 07, 2005

A delayed and muted "sic em bears"

Readers of this humble blog might recall that I'm a Baylor alum and so might expect that I would have a response to Baylor's NCAA women's championship. Here, then, is my response:

I think it's very cool that Baylor won a basketball championship, and not just any basketball championship, but a women's championship. Back during my undergrad days, men's sports (and football in particular) were pretty much hegemonic. (Football was pretty much hegemonic for Texas in general, but, hey, things change: my own father, a life-long Texan, even watches hockey these days--who could have imagined it twenty years ago?) And Baylor isn't exactly the friendliest place for women. (Unless, of course, they're happy to enhabit nice traditional women's roles.) So it's refreshing to see strong women in the limelight.

But my readers might also recall that my feelings toward Baylor, especially in recent years, haven't been the happiest. Still, with the current president on his way out and the Baylor women on the move, who can say what the future holds? Maybe Baylor will suddenly become intellectually vibrant, with a diverse student body and faculty.

Yeah. Maybe.

At any rate, here's one for the Baylor women: "Ayyyyyyyyy, Sic em Bears!"

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Becky Howard said...

They played brilliantly, acquitting themselves admirably, to the surprise of everyone but Collin, who had picked them to win it all!