Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Someone asked me this afternoon if I ever post any of my own poems to my blog.

I'm afraid I haven't really written a poem in a long time, my friends. So if I were to post one, it would be an old one. And to be truly honest and all, that poet-writing person seems like someone I knew in college extremely well (and even liked!) but who I haven't really talked with much for several years. It would seem almost kinda weird to post that person's poems to my blog.

I'll think about it, though.

And I'll think about it because, believe it or not, I've been thinking about connections between blogging and lyric poetry lately. I was working up a blog entry about it, and then (thanks to Yellow Dog) I got to thinking about the whole metablogging thing and wondering why I'm so attracted to it and what such meta-writing *does.* But since I've given little additional thought to that question since initially thinking it back on Sunday, it hasn't progressed much past that point. Maybe another day: maybe another day I'll blog truly meta and talk about metablogging and/or maybe I'll just talk about the blog/lyric poetry thing I had turning around in my mind.

Maybe. Who can say.

But if you really want some serious blogging about poeises, check out Silliman's Blog.

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Arturo Mora said...

As an artist one of the most amazing things is the creation.
Of a verse, a phrase or a space in which people can read, think and themselves create.
Thanks for doing that.
Vicente Huidobro, said,
The Poet is a small god...!
Keep Blogging I want you to visit my own Blog.
Greetings from Costa Rica.