Saturday, April 09, 2005

Spring in the midlands

I've lived in the midwest for, oh, let's just say awhile now. Ever since I graduated from Baylor, whenever that was. With the exception of six years in Milwaukee for my PhD, I've mostly been in the lower midwest, where spring can be depended upon. (It could certainly *not* be depended upon in Milwaukee. We'll be traveling up there at the end of the month; I don't expect to see many signs of life even then. That was the hardest part of living in Milwaukee: the relentlessness more than the harshness of winter.)

I always have colleagues who complain about finding themselves plopped down in the midwest rather than on one of the coasts, but at this time of year I'm very, very happy to find myself here. One of the best of the best things? A purple surprise: thin branches arcing, loaded with blossoms. Redbuds. My favorite days in spring are the days the redbuds are in bloom.

And, yes, they are in bloom now.

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Becky Howard said...

Oh, THANK YOU!!! The wild redbuds and white dogwoods dotted the springtime hills of West Virginia, and I miss them both. Thanks for sharing.

Liz said...

I know what you mean. I'm in Colorado now, but I lived in Illinois for 7 years and then spent five summers there after that. The lushness of spring and summer, the rich flowery smells in the air. . . . I do miss it. We don't get anything like it in Colorado.

Donna said...

I'm happy to have reached some fellow redbud lovers! And, Liz, is it true that you're surrounded by snow even as we speak (er, write?)? Bracing!